Monday, June 3, 2013

Alan Hunt Wildlife Art

Alan M. Hunt was born in England, studying zoology at Leeds College and Bristol University. His artist training came from Middlesborough Art College. This background of scientific and artistic skills causes Alan to call himself "the zoologist who paints wildlife".

"Tiger Cub" by Alan Hunt

"Vixen and Friend" by Alan Hunt

"Young Tufts" by Alan Hunt
"Explorers" by Alan Hunt
"Ancient Glow" by Alan Hunt
"Artic Knight" by Alan Hunt
"Canadian Goose" by Alan Hunt
"Hole in the Wall Gang" by Alan Hunt
"Nobility" by Alan Hunt
"Peregrine Falcon Family" by Alan Hunt
"Restful Interlude" by Alan Hunt
"Riverside Ambush" by Alan Hunt
 "Serengeti Baby" by Alan Hunt

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