Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Art of Bev Doolittle

 “My love for nature, as well as man’s relationship with it, is the driving force behind all of my artwork. Painting is a growth process. By giving each of my pursuits my best effort, and by learning from my mistakes, doors have opened for me that I could not have anticipated.”
Bev Doolittle
"Season of the Eagle" by Bev Doolittle

"Double Back" by Bev Doolittle

"Missed" by Bev Doolittle

"Guardian Spirits" by Bev Doolittle

"Pintos" by Bev Doolittle

"Woodland Encounter" by Bev Doolittle"

"Whoo" by Bev Doolittle

"Eagle Heart" by Bev Doolittle"

"Escape by a Hare" by Bev Doolittle

"Sacred Circle" by Bev Doolittle
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