Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Art of Howard Terpning

 Passion, compassion, devotion and respect for his subject matter, extraordinary talent in palette and brushstroke, an exceptional ability to evoke emotion both in his paintings and from those viewing them — all this and more has made Terpning the "Storyteller of the Native American."

"Found on the Battlefield" by Howard Terpning

"Hawk Feathers" by Howard Terpning

"Mystery of the Under Water People" by Howard Terpning

"Sign Along the Trail" by Howard Terpning

"Test of Courage" by Howard Terpning

"The Captain's Horse" by Howard Terpning

"The Family Home" by Howard Terpning

"Trail Along the Backbone" by Howard Terpning

"White Man Fire Sticks" by Howard Terpning

"White Water Passage" by Howard Terpning

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